162 Medicine Basketball Tournament

When: Friday the 29th July, 4.45-7.45 PM.

Where: Sport Hall

Shoot around starts at 4.45, games at 5.15

If you are keen to get involved talk to the following guys:
Year 1: TBD
year 2: Max Porter
Year 3: Aravinda Perera
Year 4: Coach D’Costa
Year 5: Theo Constantopoulos

Also all supporters/ fangirls/ fanboys and band wagoners are welcome.

The tournament will be in a round robin format, each year of medicine will enter a team. The two teams with the most wins playing off in the grand final.

If teams have the same number of wins, then ‘points scored’ will determine who goes to the finals.

Games will comprise of two 10 minute halves, with 3 minutes break at half time. There will be no stoppages in time except for fouls in the last minute.

30 second shot clock will be played in the grand final game.

Fouls and free throws will be played, but only in the act of shooting (no penalty fouls). Players will have 3 fouls each, if they reach this limit, they will have to sit out the rest of the game.

Games will be full court, 5 players on the court per team, with unlimited rolling substitutions.

Pizzas and soft drinks will be provided!

p.s. A intermed futsal competition will be happening mid next semester, so get excited!