A message from the President –

Welcome to MSSBU. My name is Douglas Brown, and it is an absolute honour to be the 10th President of this fine organisation. MSSBU otherwise known as ‘MedSoc’, is a student body elected by medical students, in order to support and advocate the interests of YOU, the medical students of Bond University. The organisation is essentially the peak representative of all medical students at our university, and so, we wish to ensure that you experience the most from your medical degree, not only in the academic field, but also in the social extra-curricular fields respectively.

Since its very inception, the Medical Students’ Society of Bond University has worked tirelessly every semester of the year, in order to ensure that all students benefit and experience the most from their degree, their university and through their membership of MSSBU. Whether it is the fantastic O-Week we organise (which you will soon experience), Scrub Crawl, OSCE Preparations, Internship Night,  MedBall, Electives Night or many other events organised by MSSBU, we understand the challenges that you face as students and thus, we wish to address these factors through academic, financial and social factors. MSSBU is also proud to announce that we also have two sub-committees, MSSBU Physicians Society (for those of you interested in the physician’s field) and MSSBU Surgical Interest Group (for our budding surgeons) dedicated in order to allow you to be continuously involved in the university and what is happening as well. In the academic field, through MSSBU’s position and its role in the faculty and ‘School of Medicine’ by sitting on the respective boards, we aim to ensure that your voices are heard and enacted completely, as we are here for YOU, the medical student!

With this, it is important to note that MSSBU is only able to function because of its fantastic membership base and its executive and non-executive committee as well. Within the committee, we also have ‘Year Representatives’ for every year who are present in order to ensure the views, policies and ideas of their respective years are represented, not only towards MSSBU, but also to our school as well. This is why the role of ‘First Year Representative’ is extremely vital, as you will be the voice of your entire cohort. Nominations and the elections for this role will be conducted within the first couple of weeks of Semester 152.

It is important to note, that MSSBU also continues to hold strong relationships with both external and internal organisations. Externally, the Medical Students’ Society of Bond University is represented on the board of the Queensland Medical Students’ Council (QLDMSC) by two ‘Councillors’ from Bond (the President and AMSA Representatives). Nationally, MSSBU sends an Australian Medical Students’ Association Representative and the President to the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) Council 3 times a year, and to ‘Convention’ as well. This is done to ensure that not only are your voices as Bond medical students heard at the university and state level, but also are heard and enacted at the national level. Conducted in order to ensure Bond is adequately and represented appropriately as a whole at all levels. Internally as well, MSSBU continues to maintain strong relations with our subcommittees (MSSBU SurgSoc, MSSBU PhysSoc, MSSBU GradBall, MSSBU MedBall) and also our affiliates, Making a Difference (MAD), BUSHFIRE – Rural Health Club, Bond University Sports Medicine Society and also the Health Science and Medical Students’ Association (HMSA).

With this, for all of our members of MSSBU, we look forward to continue representing you as the peak organisation for Bond University medical students.


Douglas Brown

President of Medical Students’ Society of Bond University – 2015