Elections 2018

2018 MSSBU Elections for Executive and Non-Executive Positions

Welcome to the MSSBU elections page for the 2018 term,

Please read the Bylaws and the following information carefully; if you have any queries please email the Electoral Officer.

All nominations and candidates must fill in the nominee form by September 23rd. Once the nomination forms are completed please email them to: The Electoral Officer (Email with be provided shortly). Campaigning will begin on the 2nd of October and end on the 8th of October before voting begins. You are only permitted to campaign within this time period.

All candidates must prepare and deliver a 3 minute speech at the President’s Debate outlining their goals for the upcoming year and why students should vote for them.

The voting will be done online via an email link from the 11h – 13th of October. The elected candidates will be announced at the Handover Drinks.

Date Summary:

Week 1: Nominations open (Thursday, 14th September)
Week 2: Nominations close ( Saturday, 23rd September)
Week 3: Campaign preparations  

Week 4: Campaigning Starts (Monday 2nd October – Sunday 8th October)
Week 5: President’s Debate GHT (Monday 9th October)
Week 6: Voting Period  (Wednesday 11th October – Friday 13th October)  
Week 6: Handover Drinks (Friday 13th October)
Week 7: Announcement of expression of interest for Junior positions (15/10)

For further information, please contact the nominated Electoral Officer via email: electoralofficer@mssbu.org.au

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