Your Degree

We liase between the students and the faculty, curriculum development and management, educational seminars, information evenings and academic events to make sure you get exactly what you want from your course.

Your Medical School

Your MedSoc is involved with other societies (such as PhysSoc and SurgSoc) for charitable, social and academic events. We aim to establish mentoring and peer support programs, as well as create opportunities for students to participate, volunteer and network in different arenas of the healthcare profession.

Your Health

We understand the challenges that students face and therefore aim to encourage a holistic approach to medicine via programs that address academic, financial, social and physical and mental health matters. We also aim to enhance inter-university relations.

Your Community

The MSSBU is part of the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA), an organisation that represents all medical students at a national level. The MSSBU AMSA representative provides opportunities for Bond medical students to engage in conferences, workshops, educational and leadership projects run by AMSA both nationally and internationally.

Women In Medicine Breakfast  Hey everyone!!! We are proud to announce the first Women In Medicine breakfast for the 1st of June between 8:30 am and 10:30 am. We urge all of you, irrespective of gender, to attend as you will be able to meet 4 very different doctors in completely different fields …

MedEagle 172

Tight and Bright & Back to School parties weren’t enough for you? Need a drink to forget the fact that you’re already back at uni? Well, MedEagle has got you covered. Medeagle is the semesterly party held by MSSBU for all med students. For the first years, this will the …

Dodgeball Tournament 171

Come down to the INAUGURAL BOND MEDICINE DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT! Teams will be broken down into the medical years, and each year will face each other in the battle of supremacy! THERE WILL ALSO BE A TEACHERS V ALL-STARS/MEDSOC game, headlining the night! Teachers who have confirmed their participation include Neelam …

Medeagle 171

Passed the year when you thought you wouldn’t? Holidays a little too short? Well, MedEagle’s got you covered! With the inauguration of both the new MSSBU Team and President Trump, come celebrate with us and start the new semester off with a bang at Hotel CBD! We’ll have drink specials …

Medeagle 163

Brace your livers because it’s the final Medeagle of the year before we all hermit on level 4 for barriers. It is also a sad occasion as we bid farewell to our 5th years who are probably over it all now. As always, it is free so there really isn’t …