Published by the Medical Student’s Society of Bond University (MSSBU), ‘Synapse’ is a magazine designed to communicate with medical students about the news and happenings around their university.

The Team Behind Synapse

Alex Zheng 
Communications Director
As your Communications Director for 2018, my role is to manage the technical administrative processes of MSSBU. This includes publishing ‘Synapse’ (the official MSSBU magazine) regularly, designing new merchandise, managing MSSBU’s social media accounts and designing posters and other promotional material to keep you in the loop about all of our events this year. Working closely with the IT Officer and Publications Officer, we strive to make MSSBU as accessible and efficient as possible in order to provide you the best possible experience throughout the year.

Claudia Ho
IT Officer
As your IT Officer, my role is to keep everyone informed of all upcoming events as well as maintaining all technological aspects of MSSBU. This includes creating Facebook events and pages, regularly updating the website and assisting with the development of MSSBU’s semesterly magazine Synapse as well as Prognosis for all first years. I aim to make the interface between MSSBU, medical students, sponsors and the wider community as accessible as possible.

Wisura Munasinghe Mudiyanselage 
Publications Officer
As Publications Officer, I work closely with the Communications Director and IT officer in order to design and produce MSSBU’s magazines, posters, merchandise and more. We aim to keep students well informed about upcoming events and provide insight into life as a Bond medical student. Make sure to keep an eye open for Synapse, the official MSSBU magazine, released every semester!


Publications Subcommittee

Current Issue

Issue 16 - Semester 181

Back Issues

Issue 15 - Semester 173
Issue 14 - Semester 172
Issue 13 - Semester 171
Issue 12 - Semester 163
Sartorius - Semester 162
Issue 11- Semester 161
Issue 9 - Semester 152
Issue 8 - Semester 151
Issue 7 - Semester 143
Issue 6 - Semester 142
Issue 5 - Semester 142
Issue 4 - Semester 141
Issue 3 - Semester 133
Issue 2 - Semester 132
Issue 1 - Semester 131